BRIDE'S TO DO LIST: #1--Take Pre-Marital Classes

Congratulations! If you are reading this information, you probably have made a decision to spend the rest of your life with someone you love very much.   You probably already have a BIG "To Do" list in planning for your wedding.  May we make a suggestion?  Make the #1 item on your list to attend our FOUNDATIONS:  Premarital Education program for couples.

We've got nothing against planning a fabulous wedding reception (we can do the limbo like few others can!) but isn't it crazy that we spend so much time and money planning for the Wedding Day (the cake, the dresses, the flowers, the caterer, the music, the reception hall, the invitations, the tux, the seating arrangements, the church, the bridesmaids, the photographer, the menu, etc.), yet so very little time learning how to make all of our days successful AFTER the Wedding Day is over?

Truth is, no matter how well you think you know your spouse-to-be, there is more.  In a dating scenario, we see mostly the "best-side" of the other person.  But in marriage, we see our spouse in all scenarios, all seasons...their best-side and their worst-side.  It's inevitable, because life happens. It's best to prepare ahead and learn the communication and conflict resolution skills to get through the hard times.

What do we suggest? Experience our FOUNDATIONS process.  We'll do our best to arrange the sessions to fit your schedule.  You and your future-spouse will learn how to avoid the pitfalls that most couples face concerning conflict resolution, communication, financial stressors, intimacy, raising kids, unrealistic expectations, in-laws and more.  FOUNDATIONS are tailored to your specific needs as a couple.

Life will happen.  You can face it together successfully, with a little preparation.  Call to schedule your Pre-marital Classes at Marriage Works.  The number is 904-724-8683.  And then, be sure to save us a piece of wedding cake