Dr. Marks and the Marriage For Life team conduct numerous marriage and relationship seminars. workshops, and retreats for churches, business, and social service organizations.  We conduct specific relationship skills programs and are able to tailor these to your agencies needs.


Enriched Christian Marriage
: Based on the relationship skills curriculum by Richard and Louella Marks, this can be taught as a retreat, seminar, or workshop.  Most churches desire a Friday evening/Saturday format and have Dr. Marks preach on Sunday.  These sessions include, but are not limited to the following: principles for bonding and attachment, CA6RESS Your Relationship, communication, problem solving skills and skills for handling emotional energy in a mature and biblical manner.

We can also tailor seminars/retreats to meet your particular needs on issues regarding conflict resolution and communication, sexuality and sensuality, personality differences and relationships, Divine Order of Marriage, Trigger troubles, and much more.  Contact us today and let us help you meet your needs. 


Enriched Relationships for Youth
: a relationship skills program for High School youth teaching prinicples for healthy relationships.  This can be tailored to your needs.

We also can conduct seminars/retreats regarding issues of dating, developing yourself into a mature and secure person, faith and relationships, healthy boundaries, valuing one's self and self-respect, and much more.


Avoid Marrying A Jerk(ette):
a seminar for youth and single adults focusing on how to identify a healthy and mature person and the core bonding processes for attachment.

We are able to put together seminars and retreats and tailor these to meet the need for your singles group.  Give us a call and let's explore your needs and how we can benefit your church or organization.


Family seminars, parenting seminars, preaching and pulpit supply, seminars on healing from emotional wounds, seminars on healing from sexual brokenness issues, and much more.