Our Vision

The majority of families across this country are in crisis. Absent fathers, domestic violence, out of wedlock births, addictions, etc. are compromising the future of our communities, their families, and especially, their children. Half of all first marriages divorce and the rate of divorce increases with each successive marriage.

Family disentegration and dysfunction exists not only in the secular community but also within the Christian community. Christian divorce rates are on par with those who do not attend church and some research data suggests the divorce rates of Christians are now peaking the unchurched. Marriage for Life is committed to strengthening marriages and families through providing the best in research based relationship skills educational programs and relationship and marital coaching/mentoring.

How Can We Do This?

Marriage for Life has the following strategic initiatives: 

* To work with churches in strengthening marriages and families
* To mature the Body of Christ relationally and emotionally as well as spiritually
* To provide state of the art relationship skills curriculums and processes that are biblically sound and research based
* To offer premarital programs to engage couples to help increase marital success
* To heal distressed marriages and relationships


In the year 2000, Dr. Marks with the help of other community leaders, came together to unite the faith-based community around a community marriage policy.  Since then, Marriage for Life has worked to strengthen marriages and families through offering secular and biblically sound research based programs and curriculums that help individuals and couples find health and happiness in their lives through healthy, loving, and connected relationships.