About HOPE Weekend

Many years ago, Dr. Rick recognized that traditional hourly marriage counseling was not working and that something needed to change.  His years of experience and frustrations in not seeing couples make progress quicker motivated him to do something different.  Having thought about much of this years in counseling, he recognized that the majority of couples did not know what to do different in their marriages and lacked the skills and tools for healthy relationships.  Then in 2004, he took a three couples who were seeing him in marriage therapy, into a weekend intensive.  In this educational setting, he taught them skills for bonding, attachment, emotional regulation, communication, problem solving, forgiveness and the foundations for intimacy (meaning closeness -not sex) and love.  Much to his surprise, the more he did this, many of the couples did not return for counseling.  Upon investigation, they told him that now that they had the tools, his services were not needed. At that moment Dr. Rick recognized that by teaching the skills, most couples got unstuck and could make the difference they were looking for without him.  Dr. Rick soon began to do these weekends on a monthly basis.  He called them HOPE Weekends.  The goal of these weekends was to give couples, who felt no hope, a shift into hope.  This shift into hope, let them feel empowered so that they could achieve the marriage they desired.

HOPE Weekends use Dr. Marks' Enriched Relationships process.  HOPE Weekends are not counseling or therapy, but an educational process that effects change.  They are however, very therapeutic.  Those who attend these weekends must agree to attend the whole weekend and agree to operate with goodwill and respect.  Ill will and disrespect undermine healthy relationships and do not build connections.

If you or someone you know would like more information contact us today at 904-724-8683 or via email, [email protected].  Space is limited to 6 couples maximum.  HOPE Weekends are also attended by premarital couples and by others who seek to enrich their relationship.  And very important to remember, HOPE Weekends are cheaper than a divorce and long term, much more meaningful!

What is HOPE Weekends about?

A 3 day professionally/pastorally guided relationship skills marriage weekend in how to restore and sustain a connected relationship.

For any couple who is experiencing marital distress and/or need help in communication, problem solving, and skills for reconnecting to each other and sustaining an intimate relationship.

Live the Life
7235 Bonnevall
Suite 214
Jacksonville, FL 32256

Friday—3 pm to 9:30 pm
(dinner on your own)
Saturday—9 am to 5 pm
(lunch on your own)
Sunday—9 am to 5 pm
(lunch on your own)

$950.00 per couple
(Agreement of Financial Responsibility Available)
Make Checks Payable to:
Live the Life Inc.
Credit Cards Accepted


Why attend? Quotes from participants . .

     It's full of useful tools that I haven't found anywhere else and couldn't have come up with on my own.

     The course changed a 29-year marriage of confusion, hurt, silence and missed opportunities into a vibrant relationship of pleasure and trust that thrives on change and growth.

     For a young couple enjoying the beginning of our relationship, I think this gave us a variety of ways to better share with each other, learn about ourselves and our partners, resolve conflicts and develop relationship skills to maintain the happy partnership we have now.

     We loved each other, but could not live together -- there was so much pain. The tools are like water in the desert.

     The HOPE Weekend changed our relationship. We entered the program at a very low ebb - in despair and feeling pretty hopeless about the potential we had for happiness in our life together. From the first exercise, warmth and trust returned and our appreciation and gratitude and love for each other began to revive. We fell in love again.

     The program really delivers what it claims to. It leads to actual improvements in communication in an enjoyable way!

     One of the most valuable things I have ever done...this will allow us to really enjoy our life from this point forward.

     An immense amount of healing...the first time in my life that I've really felt loved.